Aldo ‘Poole’ floral print platforms with satin uppers

Aldo 'Poole' floral print platforms

Aldo ‘Poole’ floral print platforms, £65

The words “satin platforms” don’t really prepare you for the gorgeousness of these shoes, do they? And neither do the words “floral print”, come to think of it: for me, that normally conjures up images of a very fresh, Spring-like style, but these shoes are all dressed up for evening, and are more “glamorous” than they are “fresh”. I came across the teal version first, and thought they were just beautiful, but I also really like the black and gold, which gives the shoe a completely different look, simply by changing the colour of the upper.

There’s something very sumptuous about this look, and they also look much more expensive than they are, which makes the £65 price tag come as a pleasant surprise.

Which colour do you prefer?

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  • Surprisingly for me, I do like them (i’m not one for embellished shoes). At first glance I would’ve chosen the turquoise ones, but i guess the black pair would be easier to wear. I can’t think of anything in my wardrobe that would go with satin printed shoes, but the black ones are less obvious and would look great with a black dress i suppose.

  • I really like the black ones, they’ve got a real oriental feel to them. I think I’d pair them with a classic LBD and red lips!

  • these actually are exactly the same print pattern that tibetan/nepali women use in their traditional dresses. At my wedding, my boku (tradtional dress) had the exact same pattern in red and my ama (mom) had hers in the same pattern but gold…wish these were out back in 2010. would have looked amazing!

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