Shoeper Sale | Casadei sale at The Outnet

It’s Csadei sale time at The Outnet, so if you’ve ever fancied grabbing yourself a pair of those famous ‘Blade’ heels – or another one of Casadeis’ amazing shoes –  now could be the time to do it!

As always, the brands sold at The Outnet tend to be high-end designers, so when they go on sale, they’re still not exactly “cheap”. The Casadei sale, however, offers prices of at least 55% percent off, with most of the styles at 60% off, so it’s a big price reduction, and worth checking out if you’re a Casadei fan. I was lucky enough to get my own pair of Blades a couple of years ago, and they’re one of my favourite pairs of shoes ever, so I highly recommend them. Here are my favourite picks from The Outnet sale:

Casadei sale at The Outnet black strappy Casadei sandals with gold Blade heel

Casadei buckled leather sandals, £348

Super-strappy sandals aren’t my usual style, but the wider version of the ‘Blade’ heels make these absolute show-stoppers. These have a bit of an edge to them, but will still be very wearable, working with classic dresses or skinny jeans/trousers.

casadei blade heeled ankle boots

Casadei suede ankle boots, £448

The more-familiar Blade heel puts in an appearance on these suede ankle boots, which have a bit of a Victorian feel to them, and are a great way to take the Blade style through the colder months of the year.

casadei green suede pumps

Casadei green suede pumps, £174

For those of you who like your heels a little lower – or who are just fans of the colour green, like me – these are one of the lowest-priced styles in the Casadei sale, at £174.

Casadei black patent shoe boots with gold heel

Casadei black patent shoe boots, £203

Finally, these shoe boots don’t have the classic Casadei heel, but are bursting with style nonetheless. I love the chunky gold heel paired with the black patent upper: super-glamorous, but still the kind of shoes you could wear day-to-day.

You can check out the rest of the Casadei sale here – just bear in mind that Outnet sales tend to sell out quickly, so don’t be too surprised if they don’t have your size!

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