Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 23: The 1st Blog Birthday Shoes!

What: River Island navy bow peep toes
When: Saturday, May 1st, 2010
Where: Shopping trip, visiting parents
With: Jeans (River Island); tank (Topshop); blazer (New Look); sunglasses (Gucci)

Remember those shoes I said I’d buy myself to celebrate’s first birthday?

Well, I was as good as my word. (You can always trust me to keep my word when it comes to buying shoes) They arrived on Saturday, and yes, it’s those River Island peep toes I was drooling over last month!

I feel like I’ve been playing some twisted game of “Chicken” with these shoes for the past couple of weeks. Having decided that my life wouldn’t be complete without them, you see, I also decided that the sensible thing to do would be to delay the purchase until pay day, which meant I had to feverishly check the River Island website every single day between then and now, absolutely convinced that they’d sell out long before I could buy them.

Luckily for me, they didn’t sell-out, and they were absolutely worth the wait. In fact, so excited was I to finally have them in my possession that I made the rookie mistake of deciding to wear brand new shoes for an extended period of time (in this case, walking for a good couple of miles around the local shopping mall) without breaking them in first. Readers: never do that. That way blisters lie, and my feet are certainly testament to that fact today. Seriously: ouch!

(Look! Stripes AND bows!)

In fairness to the shoes (because obviously they have feelings too), I should point out here that they’re actually very comfortable to walk in, which is why I convinced myself they’d be absolutely fine for a lengthy trek around the shops. The Blister (it’s so  big I thought it deserved a capital letter) was caused purely by the fact that the new leather hasn’t had a chance to soften up yet, and once it does, I can tell these are going to be my new go-to summer shoes!

Until then, however, it looks like I’m going to be wearing a lot of flats…

p.s   If you’re wondering why the shoe count in the sidebar has gone down rather than up after this purchase, I had a bit of a clear-out last week (and it’s still going on) and got rid of a couple of pairs of shoes I can’t really see myself wearing in the next year. It felt a bit like cheating on the Shoe Challenge, but I figured this is the whole point, really: better to have a smaller number of fabulous shoes that I wear all the time than a larger number of shoes that just sit around gathering dust, after all!


  • Really beautiful, I love bows! The platform is also nice, so, congratulations, a great choice to celebrate de 1st year! As for giving some shoes… I am trying to do the same, basically after I read the challenge… you know, with 408 pairs, even if I wear a different pair each day, still I’ll enter the new year with enough to wear again a pair a day for more than a month without repeating… and some I know I will never wear again, so, I am sure it’s better to give to people who need more. You know, “a good deed and you get in double…” 😉
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..UK, UK, UK, iu-hu! =-.

  • I wore new (flat) boots today and did a lot more walking then I expected, resulting in blisters on my heels. I thought of you as I hobbled the last stretch home from the bus…

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