Ladeima by De Siena two-tone t-bar peep toes

two-tone t-bar shoes

Here’s an interesting take on the t-bar: I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one attached to a pump in quite this way, before!

These shoes are by De Siena, and I love the mix of black and blush pink on the upper: it’s a combination that never fails to give a shoe (or outfit, for that matter) a sophisticated feel, and the overall shape of these just adds to that impression.

Then there’s the t-strap.

It’s a bit of an unexpected addition to this shoe, so I’ll be interested to hear what you all think of it. For myself, it was the element that persuaded me to click through and view more images of these, and that’s generally a good sign, although I do think these are ones for the “would need to see them on a foot” camp. And also ones for the “OK, they’re £400, why am I even thinking about this?” camp, to be completely honest.

What DO you think of them?

[De Siena two-tone t-bar peep toes, £399 at Sarenza: click here to buy them.]


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