Pura Lopez ‘Laura’ suede bow pumps

pura lopez laura shoes with bow

beige bow shoes

nude shoes with bow

Pura Lopez ‘Laura’, £174.50

Here’s a shoe that’s been on my “to blog about” list for a while now! Pura Lopez’s ‘Laura’ pumps may not be going to set the shoe world on fire any time soon, but these are exactly the kind of shoes I love, and would probably wear until they fell apart if I owned them.

First up: the colour. That pale beige suede definitely isn’t the easiest colour to wear at this time of year: in fact, as I glance out of my window at the damp streets and ankle-deep puddles, I shudder to think of how quickly these would be ruined if I even attempted to wear them in the environs of Shoeper Towers at this time of year. Still, the weather won’t always be this bad – at least I HOPE not – and on a crisp, Autumn day (Aside: I’m actually convinced that “crisp” Autumn days are mythical. I’m always hearing people talk about them, but our Autumn days in Scotland are almost always of the damp n’ dirty variety, sadly…), they could just work – and if not, there’s always spring!

Next, the shape: I don’t have much to say about it, because it’s something we’ve seen one hundred times or more, but the reason we see so much of this style of shoe is because it’s such a classic, and so easy to wear.

Finally, the bow. I love it. Set at a jaunty little sideways angle,and just the right size to get noticed, it’s a sweet touch, which finishes this shoe off nicely.

These also come in black, and are £174.50 at Sarenza: get them here.


  • The first word that comes to mind with these is SOFT. Everything is so soft about them. The suede. The color. The relaxed bow. The curved body.

    I have been kind of getting over nude pumps (even tho I am wearing a pair right now), these are an illustration of everything good about that type of shoe.

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