Aldo ‘Faloriba’ suede shoe boots

red suede shoe boots by Aldo

beige suede shoe boots by Aldo

Aldo ‘Faloriba‘, £75

I know it’s only been a week or so since the LAST pair of red shoe boots I showed you, but there are just so many of these around right now, and I’m completely convinced this is just the universe’s way of spiting me. I’ve spent the last couple of winters, you see, searching for shoe boots in these two colours, without much success: it just figures that the year I buy a house, and therefore have no money to spend on shoes, they’d start showing up everywhere I look!

These ones are by Aldo, they’re called ‘Faloriba’, and they come in a choice of either red or beige, both of which would be very welcome additions to my shoe shelves. The red version would be a great winter substitute for all of those pairs of red shoes and sandals I own (and will also brighten up a dull winter outfit), while the beige ones perform a similar function to the “nude” shoe, and will also go with just about every colour under the sun.

That’s enough to convince me that I need both of these, but if it wasn’t, the soft suede upper, and great shape would’ve done it anyway. These are boots which can be casual or dressy, depending on how you wear them, and the low top will allow them to be worn just as easily with skirts as they will be with trousers and jeans.

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