Jonak ‘Jaquette’ beaded slip-on shoes

beaded slippers grey beaded slipper shoes

Jonak ‘Jaquette’, £44

A few years ago, I bought a pair of beaded, khussa-style shoes from TK Maxx. I absolutely loved those shoes. I mostly wore them as slippers, but they were so cute that, even although flats aren’t my usual style, I’d sometimes wear them on short trips outdoors, too.

Then the dog, who was just a puppy at the time, ate them. Oops.

I headed straight back to TK Maxx, but of course, the shoes were long gone, so I hit up eBay instead, and managed to find quite a few pairs there. Over the next few years, I got through quite a few pairs of khussas, and always had at least one pair in my possession at any given time: I loved how comfortable they were for lounging around the house, and how much prettier they were than an ACTUAL pair of slippers. (Which I don’t own.)

I’m not sure how or why I stopped buying those shoes, but these slip-ons from Jonak reminded me of them. I really like these: they’re a little more expensive than the shoes I used to buy on eBay, but they have some lovely beadwork on the upper, come in three different colours/patterns, and have gone straight onto my Wish List, which, considering the lack of a heel, is high praise indeed!

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