River Island bow ankle boots

river-island-bow-ankle-bootOh, River Island, STOP IT. What are you trying to do to me? I mean, OK, I wasn’t being totally serious about the whole “no more shoes until Christmas” thing, but seriously, how much willpower do you think I have? First you go and show me those delicious peep toes with the bow, and now you go and make these ankle boots. Which I want. But which are £74.99, which is approximately, ooh, £74.99 more than I was intending to spend on shoes this month.

I will resist: at least until I can see these in person, anyway, because while the River Island website describes these as grey, they don’t look even remotely like “grey” on my monitor, and I’ve been stung before with colours that look different in real life.  If you have no such qualms, these are available from RiverIsland.com.


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