ASOS green t-bar platform wedge shoes


Summer means wedges, and this summer wedges mean platforms. And when I say “platforms” I mean “even I would hesitate to try and walk in these”.*

Yes, 2009 is surely going to go down in Shoe History of the year of the gigantic platform soles, and our wedge friends haven’t escaped the trend. These ones from (who’ve claimed most of my disposable income this month, incidentally) are one of the higher pairs I’ve found, and as you can see, these are plenty high: in fact, the total heel height is 6,4″, so expect comments about the weather up there, buy yourself a pair of extra-long trousers (if, indeed, you’re going to be wearing them with trousers: I think a skirt or dress would show them off much more effectively) and, above all, make sure you don’t fall off them. Because that’ll hurt.

Of course, platforms of this height are often accused of looking like “stripper shoes”, but I think the fact that these are wedges rather than stilettos helps save them from that fate. They’re very striking, and pretty much guaranteed to turn heads, and if you want to buy them, they’re £85 from ASOS, and also come in a grey/black combo.

BUY: ASOS green t-bar platform wedge shoes

*Note: I wouldn’t really. My motto: “Anything you can do in flats, I can do in heels. Except maybe tightrope walking.”


  • I like the color combo. But I think they would’ve been even cuter with closed toes. As for the height of the platform, I have yet to be intimidated by a pair of shoes. When you wear heels every day, you just stop thinking about the height as a factor in choosing shoes.

    • Totally agree! I always smile when people look at my shoes and say “but are they comfortable”? Totally not something that comes into my head when I’m picking shoes…

  • I’m sorry but I see stripper. I think if the wedge was either shorter or less chunky they would be adorable, but as is they remind me of the sexy librarian stereotype.

  • I LOOOOOVE these, if only they weren’t quite so much money, I’d gladly make them mine. And the heel height is not such an issue with the closed heel design. I think these shoes are fun and have delicious curves.

  • i was hoping someone could help me find out where i can buy these shoes!!!! i’ve been looking but can’t find them…i’m from canada and am willing to pau to ship from the uk but can’t find them 🙁

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