Gucci metallic and patent leather sandals

Gucci black and silver evening sandals

Gucci silver heels

silver cage sandal

Gucci metallic and black sandals, $725

Black shoes are being touted as a big “trend” for fall/winter 2013. This is honestly somewhat surprising to me, because I don’t really remember a time when black shoes have been OUT of fashion, and while I don’t consider them a true “neutral” as many people do, they’re definitely up there amongst the shoe closet staples.

With that said, there’s no doubt that, although black shoes are definitely useful, they can also be just a little bit boring, so a black shoe has to be really fabulous to get my attention. Well, I think these Gucci sandals are definitely that: they popped up at Net-a-Porter late last week, and as soon as I laid eyes on them, I was smitten.

These combine a black patent leather upper and insole with a silver leather caged toe, and a matching silver heel. The effect is a little bit dangerous looking: these are certainly what I’d describe as “killer heels”, and as they’re 4.5″ high, and with no platform to balance them out, they’re quite possibly “killer” in more ways than one.

The black and silver mix is very dressy, and is a combination that’s so easy to wear, working with party dresses, tailored dresses, or even a pair of dressed-up jeans, if you want to go for a more casual look. (Comparatively, I mean: I don’t think these shoes could ever really be described as “casual”!). Net-a-Porter describe them as “40s-inspired”, but while there’s definitely a vintage feel to them, the shiny black leather helps bring them up to date, and they’re a classic enough look to last for many years – good news, considering the price!

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