Shoe Kryptonite: Siren Shoes ‘Deco’ & ‘Mizzy’ platform peep toes

Pink platform peep toes by Siren Shoes

OK. My Australian readers often complain about the expensive/non-existent shipping for shoes from the UK retailers I feature here, so just to show that it works both ways, here’s some Aussie Shoe Kryptonite!

These wonderful peep toes are called ‘Deco’, and they’re by an Australian brand called Siren. Siren does actually ship internationally, but it costs $60AUS, and when you factor in the import duties we’d pay here in the UK, it makes the $139.50 price tag increase quite a bit. This is a shame, because these shoes are absolutely gorgeous, and are available in such a wide range of colours that I can’t possibly pick between them, and have had to show you them all, in the gallery below.

I also couldn’t quite choose between ‘Deco’ and their sister-shoe, ‘Mizzy’:

Red suede high heel peep toe shoesThese have a similar shape, but as you can see, the platform is covered, and the heel is more slender than the one on the ‘Deco’ shoes. I genuinely can’t decide which style I like best, so I’ve included a selection of colours from both styles in the gallery, and you can choose for yourselves!

‘Mizzy’ is $129.95 AUS, and you can click here to buy them.


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