Mango fuchsia bow sandals

bow sandals

Mango fuchsia bow sandals, £44.99

I always seem to forget that Mango exists, and sells shoes. I’ve no idea why: it’s actually one of my favourite brands, and a few years ago, when I used to have a “real” job, there was a time when I shopped there almost exclusively. But I guess the absence of a nearby store, combined with the fact that the website always seems to sold out of my size in the things I like, have combined to push Mango to the back of my mind, which is how I came to almost miss these fuchsia bow sandals.

That would’ve been a real shame, too. These are pretty standard summer fare, true, but they’re also pretty fabulous. The brightly coloured upper is a real attention-getter, but these shoes also come in black and beige, and they’re no less pretty in those colours, too – and in the more toned-down colourway, are the kind of thing I can imagine wearing to death.

I really like the big, floppy bow on the toe, and the small, sloped platform. These look like they’re begging to be worn with some kind of party dress, and there’s no denying they’d look great that way, but Mango have shown them worn more casually, with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, and they just might look even better that way, if you ask me. I’m a big fan of jeans with heels, and think it’s the perfect way to dress down your fanciest heels and get maximum use out of them (There just aren’t enough parties on my social calendar for so-called “party shoes” to always be worn the way they were meant to be, sadly.), and the juxtaposition of slightly scruffy jeans and super-sexy heels is really appealing to me. Not that I need much convincing when it comes to bow sandals, mind you…

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  • Definitely true. A pair of heels can dress up some jeans, or the jeans can dress down the shoes. I would definitely wear these.

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