Bottega Veneta leather colourblock sandals

Bottega Veneta colourblock sandals

These sandals are like a little breath of summer on this cold, dark November morning. I guess you could always wear them as evening shoes, too, but they’d really come into their own when worn with a silk summer dress, or even a pair of white trousers or jeans, don’t you think?

They’re YET ANOTHER example of the colourblock trend, but while the blue/red/yellow mix is very bright, and might be a little too much if the colours were used over a larger area, the fact that the straps are so thin will make these much easier to wear: or as “easy” as strappy sandals ever are, that is! This is a style I tend to avoid because they break my “more foot than shoe” rule, and require your feet and pedicure to be perfect at all times!

These also require you to have a spare £532 floating around somewhere. If you do, you can click here to buy them from Saks.

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