Giuseppe Zanotti black contrast d’orsay pumps

Giuseppe Zanotti black contrast d’orsay pumps, £505

Giuseppe Zanotti black d'orsay pumps

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Compared to some of the styles we’ve seen from Giuseppe Zanotti over the years these shoes seem positively tame. That doesn’t make them any less beautiful, however, and that curvy, d’orsay cut side is all a shoe like this needs to make it shine.

Speaking of things that shine, these also use an interesting contrast between the shiny, patent leather of the heel, and the matte texture of the toe. It’s a small detail, but it helps to make the overall effect just a little more interesting, without going for a contrast in colour.

These have a 115mm stiletto heel, which is going to feel very high without a platform to balance it out. That, combined with the sharply-pointed toe, makes me suspect these will be the kind of shoes you’d wear when you don’t expect to be on your feet all day, but then again, if you’re paying £500 for shoes, you’re probably not going to want to walk them into the ground anyway!

What to wear with Giuseppe Zanotti’s black d’orsay pumps?

Classic black pumps (even ones with such an exaggerated outline) rarely present too much of a styling dilemma, so I’ve indulged myself by styling these with one of my current dream dresses:

black and white dress with black pumps

Black and white check dress with black pumps:

♥   Rochas dress   ♥   Kate Spade clutch bag   ♥  Prada sunglasses  ♥  NARS lipgloss   ♥ Butter London nail polish 

This may be a dream dress, but it definitely doesn’t come with a dream price tag, so I’m just going to have to cross my fingers and hope ASOS, or some other lower-priced brand,decide to be “inspired” by it some time soon !

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