Pierre Hardy colourblock suede wedges

if you’re a daily visitor to the Net-a-Porter website, as I am (My morning routine is coffee, email then Net-a-Porter, and not always in that order…), it’ll come as no surprise to you to see these beautiful Pierre Hardy wedges here today.

These execution of these shoes is just wonderful: the colours aren’t ones that I’d have ever thought of putting together (Navy and black? Red and pink? There are RULES about this kind of thing, you know!) (I’m just kidding, obviously: I don’t believe in following fashion “rules” for a second.) but they work perfectly, and I also really love the way these shoes have been styled with a mustard dress:

Shouldn’t work, totally does. And it creates a very Autumn-appropriate colour palette too, for anyone wondering how to make open-toed shoes work in the cooler weather. (I can’t promise that you won’t have cold toes, but I can promise that your feet will look fantastic.)

Of course, at £840, these are outwith most people’s budgets, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, you can click here to buy them!


  • I’m not usually a fan of Pierre Hardy’s designs, but I really love these. And I probably would like them even more if they came in really bright cheery summer colours!

  • They look so much nicer on the model I am almost convinced! Lucky I don’t want to spend that kind of money today.

    Also: I have been banned from looking at net-a-porter daily. I don’t know why. Can’t have anything to do with the three pairs of shoes that have arrived in the past two weeks.

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