Nicholas Kirkwood 130MM suede and laminated calfskin pumps

I’ve had these shoes on my “to be blogged” list for a couple of weeks ago, and I seem to have developed a strange kind of writer’s block about them, because every time I’ve tried to write about them, I’ve sat staring at the blank page for a couple of minutes and then moved on to something else. I’ve no idea why this would be the case, because there’s really so much to be said about these shoes, isn’t there? OK, let’s do it as a bulleted list, then. That always helps break a block.

  • The colour: plum suede = absolutely gorgeous
  • The suede/laminate mix: I often think suede is at its best when it’s combined with another fabric. Patent leather works well, but so does this laminated finish.
  • The shape: so Nicholas Kirkwood, non?
  • The tassels:

Perhaps this is the reason for my block, actually, because it’s a very brogue-like look, and, well, you all know how I feel about that, I won’t repeat myself.

What do you think of these? Help a Shoeperwoman out here…

(Or just click here to buy them at Louisa Via Roma)


  • The suede and laminate mix worked here, but somehow I didn’t like the tassel detail… I would have loved if they were court shoes, closed toe-ones… The color is beautiful!

  • Everything except the tassels are great. But the tassels look like a face to me, and that doesn’t work. At all.

    • Digging the colour – beautiful. Agree with all about the front though – Isabel’s on the money about seeing a face! First thing I though when I saw the front was ‘where’s the eye patch?’

      I see pirate captain hat, bushy eyebrows (the tassles) and a really bad bowl cut style fringe (ie. the upside down picket fence brouge bit).

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