Christian Louboutin ‘Barbara’ red knot heel pumps

Christian Louboutin 'Barbara' red knot heel pumps

Christian Louboutin ‘Barbara’ red knot heel pumps, $995

I thought the Christian Louboutin ‘Fetish’ pumps which I showed you earlier this week were going to be the best shoes I’d see all week – or at least the best pair of Louboutins I’d see – but nope, it seems that M. Louboutin had one more treat in store, in the shape of these ‘Barbara’ peep toes.

Available in black and red (and yes, I want them both, although I’d definitely go for the red if I had to choose between the two), these have a suede upper and an amazing knot-back heel. Neiman Marcus didn’t have a picture of the heel available, but if you take a look at the listing on their site, there’s a video you can take a look at instead. As awesome as the heel is, however, it’s not the only thing I love about these shoes. There’s also that tiny peep toe (which is what I think of as a “true” peep toe – i.e. it’s small enough that only the slightest hint of toe will show through. Neiman Marcus, meanwhile, describe it as a “snipped” peep toe, which makes sense – it almost looks like the toe of the shoe has been snipped off.), and the beautifully cut d’orsay sides. These are truly stunning, and if you love bright red shoes as much as I do, you might find them pretty much irresistible.

The price, of course, IS resistible: these are $995, which makes it even LESS likely that I’ll ever own even one pair, let alone both colourways. Still, they’re wonderful just to look at, and the view from above is almost as good as the view from the side, really emphasising the narrow toe box and low-cut vamp. These have a 4″ stiletto heel, and I bet they’re even beautiful in real life than they are in the photo: here’s hoping I get to find out!

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