ASOS ‘Harmony’ gold heeled bow sandals

ASOS 'Harmony' gold heeled bow sandals

ASOS ‘Harmony’ gold heeled bow sandals, £45

 So, ASOS are really loving their bows this year, huh? And I have to say, it’s making it pretty dangerous for me to even look at their website when almost every time I do, I walk away my shoe list gets at least one pair longer. And normally much more than that, let’s be honest.

Anyway, enough of the complaining, because, if anything, I should really be praising them for their excellent level of commitment to making beautiful shoes this season. These ‘Harmony’ sandals remind me very much of the ‘Hysterical’ heels I featured a few weeks ago, even although they’re not remotely alike. Different colour, different different bow, different placement of the bow… when you put it like that, they’re completely different (Which gives you an excellent justification for buying them both, now that I come to think of it…), but the overall effect is still quite similar. I think it’s because of the vaguely chunky shape both shoes have: neither are what you’d call “clumpy”, but they don’t have the super-delicate look of a stiletto either, and actually, they’re all the better for it, because this shape makes them refreshingly different, and a little more contemporary. I think the thick heel should also make them quite comfortable, but, of course, you’d have to test them to see – oh no!

These are £45, and are also available in a black and blue geometric print which I’m much less keen on than this gold version, but you all know me: I much prefer a block colour over a print, and when it comes to shoes, I tend to prefer gold over almost any other colour. Other than red. Speaking of which, wouldn’t these be amazing in red? Or, you know, just about ANY colour?


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