Kurt Geiger ‘Gala’ black high heel d’orsay pumps

Kurt Geiger 'Gala' black high heel d'orsay pumps

Kurt Geiger 'Gala' black high heel d'orsay pumps

Kurt Geiger ‘Gala’ black high heel d’orsay pumps, £85

I almost didn’t feature these shoes. Two part pumps with a high heel and ankle strap used to be my go-to work shoe, back in the days when I worked in an office, and that feels like a very long time ago now (probably because it WAS quite a long time ago…), so I can’t help but see this style as a little dated, even although it’s been making a bit of a comeback in recent months. Maybe my eye just needs to adjust to it again, who knows.

As I said, I wasn’t going to feature them for that reason, but then I looked at the photo of the toe, with its perfectly shaped bow, and all of a sudden I discovered I WAS willing to consider these, after all. Yes, I could live without the ankle strap: so many shoes seem to have one right now, and I know they help make them feel more secure on the foot, but when you have short legs, ankle straps can be pretty unflattering, and when you tend to wear a lot of midi length skirts, as I do, that “stumpifying” effect is even more exaggerated.

Still, these are growing on me the longer I look at them, so maybe I do just need a bit of time to readjust to the style, after all.

One thing I DON’T need time to adjust to, however, is this green handbag, also by Kurt Geiger:

green leather tote bag

I never used to be much of a “bag lady”, if you’ll excuse the expression: it’s always been shoes all the way for me. Lately, though, I’ve been getting more and more into the world of handbags, and le me tell you, it’s a pretty expensive world to get into. This bag, for instance, is £230, but looking at it here, I just bet it’s worth every penny…

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