Floral print sandals from Dorothy Perkins

floral print sandals

Dorothy Perkins floral print sandals, $59

Now that the summer stock is starting to flood into stores, I guess we should be prepared to start seeing a lot of floral print sandals around. And floral print dresses. And probably even some floral print jeans, and tops, and… you get the picture, I’m sure. I mean, floral print: it’s a summer thing, isn’t it? And it’s so ubiquitous at this time of year that it’s nice to see a slightly different take on it, as evidenced by these Dorothy Perkins floral print sandals.

These have a fabric, floral-print upper, and a definite air of springtime about them, but the print is a little more muted, and a little darker than many, which means the effect is a little less “glirlie”: in fact, the black on the toe and heel is the colour that dominates the effect, rather than the pastel yellows and lilacs which are also used here. All of that makes these shoes a little less “obvious” than they could’ve been, and might make them appeal to those of you who like the fresh feel of a good ol’ floral print, but aren’t quite so keen on what I think of as the “Cath Kidson effect”. (That’s not a criticism, by the way: I love Cath Kidson prints, but I know some people find that kind of look a little twee.)

Other than the print, these shoes have a high heel, a small platform, and a criss-cross strap which meets over the bridge of the foot. You actually take them on and off via a zip at the heel, though, so there are no fiddly buckles to deal with: good news for those of us who are a little bit lazy. Ahem.

These are $59 and are also available with a nude patent upper.


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  • I hate the print. I can’t explain why. I just do not like it one bit. I like the shape of the shoe, however.

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