Shoeperwoman loves… Paul & Betty shoes

I have a new shoe obsession, folks.

It started with this:

red polka dot sandals

Poupsy Ter by Paul & Betty, £170: buy here

Now, granted, these are strappier than I normally like. As I’ve mentioned once or twice or a million times, I just don’t feel my feet can stand up to the exposure that very strappy sandals give them, but at the same time: that red! Those polka dots! How could I fail to love them?

Then there was these:

green peep toes

Paul & Betty ‘Gorly’, £191: buy here

The green. The heel. The studs. Be still, heart.

But wait: what’s this?

nude pumps

Paul & Betty ‘Meggy’, £229.50, click here to buy

Now, these are just perfect. There isn’t a single thing I’d change about them. Other than the price, I mean. I’d change the price, but not the curved sides, the slender heel, the pointed-but-not-too-pointed toe, the brogue detailing, or the will-work-with-everything colour. Sigh.

Finally, an honourable mention must go to these:

lips shoes

Paul & Betty ‘Pretty Lips’, £229.50: click here to buy

I’ve never been a fan of lips on shoes, but if I HAD to wear a pair of “lip” shoes, these are definitely the ones I’d choose. THIS, on the other hand, might be taking it a little too far…

Just a little bit?

So, there you have it, shoe lovers: my new favourite brand. Well, one of them, anyway. All of the styles here can be found at Sarenza: here’s hoping they have more from Paul & Betty soon!


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