H&M red wedge heeled cork sandals

H&M red wedge heeled cork sandals

H&M red wedge heeled cork sandals

Well, here they are folks: the cork wedges I’m probably going to spend the next few weeks adding to and removing from my shopping basket, until they finally sell out in my size at the exact moment that I realise I actually can’t live without them. There’s at least one pair of shoes that meets this description every year, and I think these will be the 2017 version.

Cork wedges, you see – especially red ones – are my go-to summer shoes. I find them more comfortable than heels, and much more interesting/leg-lengthening than flats (If you happen to have a body shape that all torso, with short legs, then you’ll understand how important that latter point is…), so I wear them to death every summer – and then find myself needing a new pair almost every year.

The problem with this of course, is that buying shoes purely to replace a pair you already have is so much less fun than buying a completely new pair that this tends to be the kind of purchase I’ll just keep putting off until it’s too late. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now, wouldn’t you?

Who knows, though, maybe this time I have? At £24.99, these shoes are definitely not extortionately priced, and they check all of the right boxes for my ideal summer wedges: the platform sole, the bright red colour, the ankle strap to keep them anchored to my foot when I decide to go sightseeing in them for several hours… Also, H&M is one of those sites I always seem to want to order SOMETHING from (Often quite a few “somethings”, if the truth be told), so it’s only a matter of time before I find myself heading to the checkout there: will these shoes be in my basket at the time, though – that’s the question?

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