Steve Madden ‘Free’ platform slingback pumps

Maybe it’s just the fact that Steve Madden has copied other designers so many times now that I always find it hard to trust that his designs are actually his own work, but I feel like I’ve seen this shoe somewhere before. Still, I’m writing this post in advance, it’s late, and I’m just too tired to remember what it might have been “inspired by” – if anything at all – so if you know, feel free to drop me a comment, and excuse me for being a bad shoe blogger. And if it hasn’t been “inspired” by something else, well, then, my congratulations to Steve Madden, because I love these shoes: the soft colours of the uppers work perfectly with the thick wooden soles, and the overall shape is very “now”.

These are called “Free”, but of course, they’re not literally free: they’re actually $99, and you can click here to buy them from Bloomingdales.


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