Fendi pink heart front peep toes

pink high heels with heart peep toe

pink heart peep toes

Fendi peep toes, £489

I love peep toes and I love hearts on shoes, so when I find a peep toe shaped like a heart, it’s guaranteed to make me swoon – or to smile, at the very least.

I’ve yet to find a pair of heart-shaped peep toes I love in my price range, unfortunately, so until I do, I’m going to have to content myself with admiring these Fendi creations from afar. At first glance, I assumed these were crystal or sequinned uppers of some description, but according to the product description, they’re made from chamois leather, which creates a really interesting effect, and should be nice and soft on the feet, too. The baby pink colour, meanwhile, works well with the heart-shaped peep toe, and creates a very cutesy, and rather kitsch kind of look.

These have an almost 6″ stiletto heel, but don’t worry, there’s also a small platform, to take at least some of strain from your ankles! They’re £489, and available now at Far Fetch.

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  • These are just stunning! I loved McQueen’s heart peep toes, but now I’ve seen these they pale in comparison – the shape is just so much sleeker and I love the Chamois effect. I’d happily wear these as my wedding shoes, though I’m planning a brighter colour when the time comes!

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