Red patent asymmetric pumps by Buffalo

red patent asymmetric pumps

I got outbid on the Zara asymmetric pumps last week. I say “outbid” – I didn’t even get the chance to bid, because after watching them all week, the seller abruptly withdrew them from auction, and added a Buy It Now price for some mystery buyer. Don’t you just HATE it when that happens? Mind you, the final sale price was £130, which was way more than I was willing to pay, so I guess it didn’t really matter! I’ll still keep my eBay alert going, but I’m slowly losing hope of ever finding those shoes at a semi-reasonable price, so the search for similar ones continues, and this week it leads me back to my old friend, Buffalo, and these red asymmetric pumps.

First up, I should say that I found these on a German site, so they’ll only be available to some of my European readers at the moment. As you’ve probably seen from the various other styles I’ve shown from this brand, though, Buffalo is stocked by various other UK websites (my sponsors at Spartoo and Sarenza both carry Buffalo shoes, for instance). I really like the asymmetric shape, although I can’t help wishing these were available in a matte upper rather than a patent one, because I feel the patent is cheapening the overall effect slightly here, although that may just be the effect of the flash in the photo, who knows.

These are also available in a neon green and a similarly bright pink, both of which are far too bright for me: if you’re into neon, though, you can click here to see them.


    • I don’t like them enough to actually buy them, unfortunately – the shape just isn’t quite right! I think I’ll just have to hold out for the originals, or do without 🙂

  • That really gets my goat! I’ve always made a fair bit of spare cash in the past in eBay, but things like that have put me off a bit lately. I loaded some stuff a few weeks ago when they had free insertion fees, and after a few hours I’d had 7 separate requests to sell privately! Then when I explained that since the items had quite a lot of watchers I didn’t think it would be fair to withdraw and would be leaving them to the fate of the auction, 2 sent me grumpy messages! I don’t think eBay has the same community feel as it did, it’s a shame as I’ve still got a fair bit of stuff I’d like to sell but I feel nervous whenever I list things now!

    • Wow, that’s terrible that people were grumpy about you not selling privately – I mean, it’s not like they can’t still bid in the auction if they really want the thing! I agree that there’s less of a community feel to it: I used to sell loads on eBay a few years ago (I actually considered starting an eBay business at one point) and I didn’t have too many issues, but any time I’ve tried to sell something in recent years it’s just been a huge hassle with non-paying bidders, and people lying about the item being damaged just because they changed their mind. It’s really put me off. Also, I get a lot of eBay sellers using my photos in their auctions, which I think is really dodgy – not just because they’re stealing my images, but because it means the item in the photo isn’t actually the one they’re selling. Every single time I’ve politely asked them to take down my photos, though – and I mean literally every single time without exception – the person has been really rude about it and has emailed me huge rants about what a terrible person I am for not allowing them to use my photos etc. I got so sick of the abuse I don’t even bother any more.

  • Aldo has one very similar to this for $80

    I purchased I pair that looks exactly like the assymetrical pumps from Zara for $125 from

    They are listed as suede but the material is synthetic. I used their 10% coupon. At first I was disspointe dwith the material but they really look like the Zara ones. I always, always get complimenst when I wear them.

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