Topshop ‘Vibrant’ pink ballet pumps

Ballet flats in the true sense of the phrase! Well, almost: I saw these in-store a couple of weeks ago, and can confirm that they have a rigid sole, rather than the soft one of a true ballet shoe, but they still look exactly like the shoes I used to wear to my ballet classes as a little girl, and that, of course, is the whole point here.

The “ballet-shoes-as-everyday-wear” look has uncomfortable Amy Winehouse associations for many of us, but funnily enough, no sooner had I finished looking at them in my local Topshop than I turned around to leave the store… and almost walked straight into a fellow shopper who was wearing a pair, with a pair of jeans and sweater. And actually, she looked fabulous: there was just something very chic about the simplicity of the look, and it made me realise that, actually, these shoes would go with everything, and while pale pink may not be the most practical shade ever for the British winter, at least these shoes are priced accordingly at £16, unlike the last pair of Topshop flats I showed you, which were a scary £75!

What do you think of them? (Click here if you want to buy them.)


  • I love ballet flats. I wear mine all day everyday. I have been known to wear them in the freezing winter too, but I just put some thick black socks under them! 🙂

    I keep wondering when they’re going to go out of fashion because I remember getting my first pair in 2005! (They were leopard print ones a la Kate Moss!)

    Anyway I think they’re lovely. I like ballet flats that look like proper ballet flats they look good with skinny jeans which I love because I don’t find many other flat shoes do!

  • I’m getting flashbacks to ten years of ballet classes…I like ballet flats (I sometimes can’t wear them because they hurt my arches but they look nice) but these are just *too* ballet for me.

  • I like them, but I almost never wear flats… I agree with Minnie, I was also thinking why the name “Vibrant” – I guess this is the name they gave to the model, not to the color… still, it doesn’t suit any of them – style or color!

  • I like ballet flats, but I require an arch support, so I cannot wear them. Also, they are ridiculously impractical in Alberta 10 and a half months of the year, between snow and rain and mud.

  • So cute! I have a real issue with buying only flats that have little bows on the front. I think I’m trying to make up for never going to ballet classes (what kind of childhood did I have!?!?)

    Question for you – do you think flats and opaque black tights would make a miniskirt workplace appropriate? It is a gorgeous Milly one, made of a navy boucle, and isn’t tight at all and isn’t really all that short (as I’m short.) I’m not sure if I’m objective enough to decide…

    • I think it totally depends on the workplace, and what kind of dress code it has: and of course on the skirt, because there’s short and there’s short. If you can imagine your boss wearing it (or a female colleage of equal status, assuming your boss is male!) then it’s probably appropriate 🙂

  • I think these are awesome! And this is coming from someone who hated ballet when she was little. (Maybe if they hadn’t made us wear stupid Care Bear costumes in the end-of-the-year recital I woulda liked it more?)I actually found a pair almost identical to these in Payless last year and I wanted them, but the only pair in my size had a big yucky stain on them, ugh.

  • Bought them here in Ireland. I love them to bits! 🙂 didn’t give me any blisters while walking on my way to work this morning, comfy and chic at the same time 🙂

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