Shoe Deja Vu: ASOS HANDFULL Vs Jessica Simpson

Colourblocked high heel shoes from ASOS I spotted these shoes at ASOS last week, and almost passed them by, thinking I’d already written about them. I haven’t, though: the shoes I was thinking of were these ones, by Jessica Simpson:

Jessica Simpson colourblock shoesAnd, WOW, but they really are totally identical, aren’t they? In fact, they’re SO identical that I spent a few minutes convinced that ASOS must have started stocking Jessica Simpson shoes, and just forgotten to put the brand name on the listing, but nope: they don’t stock Jessica Simpson, and these are listed simply as “ASOS Handfull”. What’s more, they retail for £75, which is actually MORE than the Jessica Simpson shoes, which work out at £56, at the current exchange rate.

Of course, I can’t say for sure which of these shoes came first (and actually, the more I look at them, the more I become convinced that they’re BOTH inspired by a designer shoe, which escapes me for the moment), but either way, I reckon someone’s taken their inspiration just a little too literally here, no?


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