Shoe Shopping With Shoeperwoman: New Look, August 2012

New Look toecap pumps

Continuing with the Shoe Shopping trip I started yesterday, I didn’t find quite as much to show you as I did in my previous posts, but I was pretty impressed with what I did find, particularly the toecap pumps pictured above. These were £17.99 in store, but are down to just £7.99 online, and if they’d had them in my size, they’d definitely have been coming home with me, because although they’re not leather (and you probably wouldn’t expect them to be, at that price!), they’re basically the perfect cap-toe pump, as far as I’m concerned and I spent more time than I really should have scouring the racks for my size! But moving on…

tartan peep toes


I’ve said before that tartan isn’t my favourite print, so I was kinda surprised by how much I liked these. They’re very high, although not quite aa dangerous as the photo on my right makes them look – I was twisting my foot at an awkward angle to get it in the shot here, and the hidden platform means the foot isn’t at quite as steep an angle as it looks!

These are £19.99 here, and they’re also available in…


dogtooth pumps

I really liked these: the shape is great, and dogtooth check is always such a great print for winter! I also liked these, which are £24.99:

black and white mary janes

Love the contrast of the colour scheme and the shape of the bow here! Finally, I was less sure about these:

slipper shoes

These are described as “slipper heels”, and are £24.99. I’ve been seeing a lot of shoes with this kind of shape lately, but I think the resemblance to a slipper is putting me off a little. What do you think of these?

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