Shoeper Shopping: Red suede bow toed court shoes from Principles by Ben de Lisi

Red suede bow toed court shoes from Principles by Ben de Lisi

Yes, shoeperstars, I’ve been shoe shopping again – although not for myself, sadly!

I was actually on a non-shoe-related shopping mission on the day these were taken, so I only managed to photograph one or two pairs of shoes in each store, and, as always, you’ll have to forgive the slightly blurry iPhone shots! My first stop was in Debenhams, where I was instantly drawn to these gorgeous red suede pumps from the Principles by Ben de Lisi line:

red high heel shoes

As regular readers will know by now, red shoes and bows are two of my biggest weaknesses, and I also liked the fact that these have a short, pointed toe and no platform, which gives them a very classic look. If I hadn’t been shopping for other items at the time, I’d have been sorely tempted to buy these: as it happens, though, I’m really glad I didn’t, because while they were £40 in store, I see they’ve been reduced to £30 online: you can see them here.

(Size note: I tried on my usual size 4 in these. As you can just see in the photo above, they were tied together, which made it hard to test them out properly, but the fit was fairly true to size, maybe just a little bit roomier than I would ideally like. That said, suede tends to stretch out more than regular leather, so if you’re between sizes you might want to consider sizing down.)

These also come in purple, which for some reason looks a bit blue in this photo, but which was a really lovely, true purple in real life:

purple suede shoes

(I also really liked the blue shoe boots you can see in the background, which were also £40!)

Finally from Debenhams, here’s another red shoe with a bow:

red bow shoes

Despite what I just said about this particular combination, these aren’t to my taste at all: they’re just too clunky, and cutesy to make me actually want to buy them. They seemed to be just begging to be photographed, though, so here they are! I couldn’t find them online, but they were by Debenhams own Red Herring line, and I think they were around £30.

I hope you enjoyed this quick shopping trip, everyone: tune in soon for more shoe shopping with ShoeperWoman!


  • Those red shoes remind me of one of my new favorite pairs that I bought two months ago from The bow is bit more stylized but they have the same short point, lack of platform all around classy feel. I am in love with them. I actually bought them first on another site in a gorgeous forest green and was in love with them from first wear. Then a couple weeks later I stumbled upon them on Go Jane’s site in red and black and decided to go for the whole set (to be fair, I HAD been on the lookout for a good pair of basic closed toe black pumps!). And because they were SO cheap, I didn’t even have to feel bad. And if they’d had them in purple, I would have bought those too.

    (Here’s a link to them, although they are all sold out of black and running low on all the other colors:

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