Shoe Shopping With Shoeperwoman: Matalan Summer 09 shoes


Over the past few years, Matalan has picked up its game considerably where shoes are concerned, and it’s becoming well known for making some really quite fabulous shoes at bargain-basement prices.  For reasons best known to itself, however, Matalan generally doesn’t put any of these shoes onto its website (there’s a small selection available online, but nothing like the choice you find in store) which means you have to actually visit a store in person if you want to see what’s available.

Or rather, you don’t, because I’m here to do it for you. Well, what else do you have a Shoe Superhero for?

I headed to Matalan this weekend, so you don’t have to. Here’s what I found…


Oh my holy hell. Can you believe these are from Matalan? Possibly the most ridiculous/extravagant shoes I’ve had on my feet this year, these were about £18, and were also available in black patent. I saw quite a few women walking around with a pair of these in their baskets, but I also overheard more than one of those women asking the person they were with, “Seriously, do you think they look silly? Do you? Do you?”

And the answer to that? Well, yeah, they kind of do. But they were lots of fun to try on, that’s for sure.


Eeek! They had these in bright blue and black, too, but for the purposes of this mission, I decided to go for the loudest, most obnoxious colours I could find. I love bows, but these were too much even for me: I think they were also around £18, though.

And yes, my feet ARE tied together in this photo. Lucky the fire alarm didn’t go off while I was wearing them, hmm?


I’m slightly obsessed with nude shoes at the moment, so I loved these.  Simple, but the kind of shoe you’d get lots of use out of.

For the next part of my mission, I was forced to leave the safety of the changing room, and conduct a slightly more covert mission on the shop floor. To do this, I employed the stealth tactic of taking blurry photos with my cellphone camera. Sorry. You wouldn’t believe the funny looks I got taking this one:


I was really quite tempted by these black high heeled gladiators, which had little zips up the back of the heel. Very ‘of the moment’, and only £18.


These, meanwhile, were £16, and only seemed to be available in wide fit. I know not why.


These were only £8, and come in red, navy and black. I was quite tempted by these, too: they’d be handy for holidays.


White wedges, £12 – another stealth shot.

I was quite taken with this peacock tunic, too. Shades of Matthew Williamson, for only £10. (Obviously I’d wear pants with it, though…)


And no, I didn’t actually buy anything. I may go back soon, though…


  • My favorites are the black high heeled gladiators and I really like the nude ones too; I would probably like the first ones better in black or white. And by the way, that tunic is lovely!

  • love the nudes and the high-heeled gladiators you had one, would ahve totally bought them!!! but the question is, with shoes this cheap, were they comfy?

    • Well, I only had them on for a few minutes, so it’s hard to say. I’ve bought shoes from there in the past, though, and haven’t had any problems, although “comfort” isn’t the first thing I look for in a shoe, so I’m probably the wrong person to ask!

  • I loved the black gladiator shoes but they sadly they didn’t have my size. I ended up with the cute nautical wedges in black, and like you I rarely go for comfort with shoes, but these are REALLY comfortable – suprisingly 🙂

  • I really do love those black heeled gladiators. I tried on a pair of gladiators yesterday, and I decided they weren’t for me, but those could most definitely change my mind.
    oh, and those bright orange ruffle-y shoes? LOVE THEM.

  • I really shouldn’t read this blog…I really like some of those shoes and now want them! Thankfully I have a thing about open toed shoes meaning as much as I like them, I just can’t wear them outside the house…


  • omg those nautical red shoes look so cute! especially for 8 quid– i don’t live in england but my friend is there right now so i might ask her to buy a pair for me… but i have a small problem= i have massve feet, so does matalan make shoes more on the small side? because some of my shoes here in vienna i buy in size 44, which is a UK size 9 1/2 i cud probably squeeze into a pair of 8’s, but are they more on the big or the small side? i read one of your later inserts that you went back and bought them, and they were more on “These ones come up really small, so I had to go down a size: I’m normally a UK 4, but had to buy the size 3″… does this mean they were bigger or smaller than usual? please help and reply! xxx

  • I’m so sad they don’t have those orange shoes on their website =( I absolutely fell in love with them and I want them for my wedding next year!! my weddng colors are tangerine and lime, and those would be perfect.

      • I realized after I left the comment, that it was an old post!! I checked ebay, but no luck =( it’s ok, at least I have about 10 months to find the perfect shoes for my wedding!

  • Hi — I just happened along this post googling images for “me too” fire shoes that I tried on today, but didn’t buy because they didn’t have my size in the color I wanted, but by a happy coincidence, I’m a regular reader of your blog, and my search brought me to this older post I hadn’t seen before. 🙂

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