Carvela red velvet ‘Grow’ pumps

Something about these shoes says “Christmas” to me. I’m not sure if it’s the bright red colour, the wintry velvet uppers or the sparkly bow on the front, but if ever there was a shoe to wear to the Christmas party, this would be it. And I’m really starting to depress myself by talking about Christmas parties, now, so I’ll move on…

These are ‘Grow’ by Carvela, they’re also available in black, and for me, one of their best features is the chunky heel, which makes a pleasant change from the ever-present stiletto, while still being high enough to keep the likes of me happy. It looks like it would be fairly comfortable to walk on, too, and what you can’t really see from the image above is that the heel is patent, creating a nice contrast with the velvet:

Love it. These are £150 at Kurt Geiger.


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