Irregular Choice ‘Bow Up’ flat sandals with wings on the heels


I’ve been thinking about holidays a lot recently. Well, actually, I think about holidays a LOT. But I’ll be flying off to sunnier climes in just over a month now, which means the time has almost come to retire my stilettos for a couple of weeks and slip into something a little more casual.

Me being me, of course, I don’t like to get too casual with my footwear, so my attention was grabbed by these ‘Bow Up’ sandals by Irregular Choice, which will make you look like Hermes (that’s the messenger of the Gods, by the way, not the expensive fashion label) with their winged heels. They’ll be just a tad too much for many tastes, but they’re definitely different, and I like the little contrasting bow at the ankle, which keeps them feminine. They’re also available in silver.

BUY: Irregular Choice ‘Bow Up’ flat sandals, £55


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