Celebrity Shoe Spotting: Cheryl Cole in Christian Louboutin’s Bikiki 140 Pony Pumps

Cheryl Cole in Christian Louboutin

I love Cheryl Cole, and I also love Christian Louboutin (I may have mentioned this once or twice or a million times), so any combination of the two is generally a match made in heaven for me. These shoes, however, are a pretty bold choice, especially when paired with a bright orange mini dress, so I’m wondering what everyone thinks of the look? Cheryl’s wearing the black and white version of the shoes, which I couldn’t find available to buy online just yet: the red version you can see in the gallery below, however, which comes with a dogtooth platform, is currently available at Luisa Via Roma, for £732.

What do you think?


  • I think she looks fantastic, but I admit I don’t have a great reason. It might just be because she looks like SHE thinks she looks fantastic, which always helps.

  • if you would send me and my daughter (who attends the u of A) we would be the coolest chicks on campus on game day!! size 6 1/2 and 7/12. Bet if we wear these shoes, we can sell you guys 100s of pairs! We ARE the most loyal fans in the entire world!!! University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    • I’m afraid I don’t understand this comment: are you asking me to buy you and your daughter Louboutins? I’m afraid I’m not that rich, unfortunately – I can’t even afford to buy these for myself! (And I don’t sell shoes, either, so I’m not really sure what you mean by “sell you guys 100s of pairs”?)

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