Jimmy Choo sandals on sale at The Outnet


It only launched a couple of weeks ago, but already the first thing I do every morning is check the shoe section of TheOutnet.com. And then I check it again. And again. And.. oh, you get the picture.

This is basically Net-a-Porter’s warehouse, with old stock from the site being sold at what can sometimes be a serious discount. The problem with this – and the reason I’ve started to hate The Outnet almost as much as I love it – is that things sell out fast. Really fast. So fast, in fact, that even I, with my supersonic speed on the keyboard, have not yet managed to grab something in my size.

My loss is your gain, though: or it is if you’re a size 39.5 or 40, anyway, and have a few hundred pounds to spare on shoes. The Jimmy Choo sandals pictures above are only comparatively cheap: the ‘Electra’ sandals on the right of the picture are £325 and the lace suede sandals are £337.80, so they’re still what I would call “pretty damn expensive”, but you are saving over £100 on the original price,  so you may consider it a good deal.

Even if you don’t, I’ve seen Louboutins and Miu Mius come up on this site for around £140, so it’s well worth keeping your x-ray vision trained on it, just in case.


  • Totally agree – when they had their dress sale last week, I had like 5 minutes from the start of the sale to grab a Catherine Malandrino dress in a 4…when I thought maybe I should get a 6, they were gone! Just like that. Anyhoo, the 4 fits good (though damn my hips) and the package arrived the next day- super fast! I love that you figure out your duties on the site too so there are no suprises.

    Currently I am banned from online shopping for two months, so looking at the Outnet is torture but at the same time, half the stuff is sold out like you say and SO expensive anyway that I wouldn’t be able to buy it anyway 🙂

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