Winter Style Saviours | Four Clothing Items That Have Been Getting Me Through the Winter

winter style saviour: how to get through the winter in style

Winter dressing has always been a challenge for me. I just don’t enjoy being “bundled up”, or having to add multiple layers to my outfit just to get out of the door without freezing, so I find that my style tends to go through a bit of a change in the colder months of the year, becoming a lot more casual as I reach for a selection of closet basics, which I’ll wear over and over again as I wait for the weather to warm up, and my favourite items to be wearable again.

Here are five items that have been getting me through this winter…

black Zara jeggings

01. These Zara jeggings

Yes, you read that right: these are jeggings – i.e. a cross between jeans and leggings, and they’ve been on constant rotation for the past few months – s0 much so, in fact, that I now own three pairs of the things, in slightly different styles. You may laugh, but these humble jeggings have been true style saviours for me this season: they’re much thicker than actual leggings, and look far more like skinny jeans when you’re wearing them, so there’s no “leggings as pants” situation going on, you’ll be relieved to know. Unlike black skinny jeans, however, these don’t get covered in link the second I put them on (Am I the only one who hates black denim for that reason? The second I touch it, it seems to be instantly covered in white fluff!), they don’t fade or shrink in the wash, and, it probably goes without saying, they’re super comfortable, which is perfect for someone who works from home.

I actually mostly wear these at home (They’re high waisted, and if I turn up the ankles, they look much the same as a pair of 50s-style capri pants, which is very much my style!), but they also work nicely with boots and chunky sweaters when I have to venture outdoors.

H&M black dress

02. This H&M dress

For those times when jeggings just won’t cut it, this little black dress has been another style saviour for me. I’ve never really agreed with the idea of the little black dress being a “must have” item (certainly not for everyone!), but I’m really glad I bought this one, because, as clichéd as it sounds, it really is one of those items that can work for just about any situation, and which you can dress up or down as required. I’ve worn mine dressed up with heels and jewellery, and more casually, with cardigan, boots and scarf, and it has never let me down. Oh, and the stretch fabric is also really comfortable, too!

Buffalo shoe boots

03. These Buffalo shoe boots

I’ve mentioned these boots quite a few times now, so suffice to say that they’re hands-down the most-worn footwear in my collection at the moment: in fact, I wear them so often, I actually ended up buying a second pair, just to have as “backup”. I’m a huge fan of shoe boots, which can be worn in much the same way you’d style a pair of pumps, but which are a little warmer, and easier to walk in (the high upper helps give the foot more stability). They also work with both dresses/skirts and trousers – I wear these with both the dress and trousers above, and with plenty of other items, besides.

Boden Grace sweater

04. This Boden sweater

This sweater was a gift from Boden, and has been on constant rotation since it arrived. I love the simple lines and high collar, which gives it that “Audrey Hepburn off-duty” vibe I love so much! Just add cropped pants (or those jeggings at the top of the page!), a pair of pointy flats and some black eyeliner, and you’re good to go!

These are just four of the items that have been working hardest for me this winter: I realised as I wrote this post that three out of the four are black, which isn’t actually a colour I normally go for. This season, however, I’ve been really getting into a very minimal, pared-down look, especially for my more casual outfits, and I’ve found myself reaching for black much more often than I used to, although not exclusively, needless to say: both the trousers and dress shown here are often paired with much brighter pieces (although also sometimes with more black, if I’m honest…).

Which items have been getting you through the winter? 

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