Dorothy Perkins red bow slingback shoes


Dorothy Perkins have really picked their game up recently, both in terms of clothing and footwear. Accordingly, the price has gone up too, but not by too much, thankfully.

These red bow slingbacks, for instance (they describe them as “pink”, but they look red to me. You decide.) are £50,which is a little higher than most of their footwear offerings, but still fairly reasonable compared to the rest of the high street. Oh, and they’re also adorable. Seriously, aren’t these adorable? I’d wear these with a big ol’ swing dress, but they’ll look good with just about everything, from jeans to pencil skirts and everything in between.

I tend to shy away from slingbacks because I worry they’ll chafe the back of my ankles, but these ones may just be cute enough to take a chance on.

BUYDorthy Perkins red bow slingbacks, £50


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