Minna Parikka ‘Melt’ pumps

Minna Parrika 'Melt'

Oh noes, my shoes are melting!

OK, they’re not. They just look like they are. And if you’d told me a couple of years ago, say, that one day I’d find myself admiring a pair of shoes designed to look like they were melting, I’d have shook my head and laughed. But actually, I think this is a really creative way of making a pair of black pumps look a little more interesting, and I’m really curious to see what they’d look like when worn. I have a vague fear that anyone with pink-toned skin might end up looking like it was their legs that were melting, rather than the shoes, but … somehow I still love them.

These are called ‘Melt’ they’re by Minna Parikka, and they’re £284 at Sarenza. What do you think of them?



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