Shoe Deja Vu: Charles by Charles David ‘Delightful’ Vs Carvela ‘Kuchina’

Shoe dupes by Charles David and Carvela

I might have rather liked Charles by Charles David’s ‘Delightful’ wedges – in fact, I might even have found them delightful … until, that is, I noticed their resemblance to Carvela’s Kuchina, from last summer.

As usual with these Shoe Deja Vus, it’s the idea of the shoe that’s similar, rather than the execution: the Charles David shoes have a cork wedge rather than a leather one, a full heel rather than a slingback, and pink trim rather than gold. It’s all of these details, however, which, when seen side-by-side with their older sisters, makes the Carvela shoes look so much better to me, and as there’s not a huge difference in the price (the Charles David shoes are $174.99 at, while the Carvelas are down to £120 (about $189) at Sarenza), those are the ones I’d probably go for.

Which do you prefer?

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