Topshop Ashanti shearling ankle boots

I always think shearling-topped boots would make me look too much like Mrs Christmas, or – worse – a Christmas elf, to make them worth buying, but it’s so cold outside I could be convinced to overlook that. In fact, if these Ashanti boots from Topshop were to magically appear on my shoe shelves, I might even give a little “ho ho ho” of glee.

Of course, these have a shearling cuff, as opposed to a shearling lining, so they’ll be a little less warm than they actually look. Still, something about them really appeals to me right now, although it could just be the fact that the lower half of the boot is identical (in shape, if not in colour), to my Barley2 boots, which naturally makes me predisposed to like them.

If you like them too, they’re £95, they’re also available in black, and you can click here to buy yourself a pair.


  • I do really love the shape of the bottom of them and maybe if you could remove the cuff it would make the boot more versatile. Shearling is fur so I personally wouldn’t wear these (although if it’s from topshop it’s maybe faux, I know they don’t sell fur but shearling is still a pelt) but I would wear them minus the cuff, I think.

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