The bright yellow shoes you won’t be able to miss

bright yellow shoes by Dsquared2

Bright yellow shoes by DSquared2, £473

I’m writing this post a few weeks before you’ll be reading it, on account of my holiday, so I REALLY hope these bright yellow shoes by DSquared2 are still in stock by the time the post is published, because I’d hate for you to miss out on the chance to own a pair!

Not that I think there’s much danger of that, mind you – either of you wanting to own a pair, or of them selling out. I mean, when I saw the thumbnail version of the photo, I couldn’t wait to take a closer look, and thought I was going to absolutely love them, but now that I see the close-up, I can’t even find the right word to describe them. I think I’m going to go with “crazy”, actually. That could be a good thing in shoe terms, or it could be a bad thing – you can decide for yourself which side you want to go with!

Actually, to be completely honest, I think the feather is the only real mistake these shoes make. Without it, they’d be pretty amazing – I love the colour (I have a few pairs of bright yellow shoes myself, and find the shade pretty versatile: much more so than you might think), and I also like the bows decorating the strappy upper. It’s hard to get a proper look at them, though, because of the huge feather embellishment, which basically swamps the whole design. It also makes me think of a cartoon chicken – I just have to put that out there. It’s all I can see.

In conclusion, then: an amazing pair of shoes, somewhat ruined by the inexplicable feather. Does that sound fair? I’d really love to see what these look like without the feather, though – I have a feeling they might just be spectacular!

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