Are these the most popular shoes ever?

are these the most popular shoes ever?

What is it that makes some shoes a classic, while others are just one-season-wonders, worn by everyone for a few short months, before disappearing off the radar forever?

I was thinking about this today, while browsing some of my favourite online shoe stores, and noticing noticing that some shoes seem to have been around forever. It’s probably an exaggeration to say these are the most popular shoes EVER (The Rockstuds have only been around for a few years, although they’re so ubiquitous that it seems like much longer), but they are definitely amongst the most popular shoes of recent years, at least – as evidenced by the fact that they’re still available to buy (and in more colours and prints than ever before), many years after their initial release.

The Louboutin Pigalle / So Kate pumps – I’ve lumped these together because the styles are so similar that only Louboutin lovers will really be able to tell them apart. To the casual observer, however, they’re almost identical, and they seem to never go out of style. So Kate has somewhat eclipsed the Pigalle in popularity recently, but as long as Louboutin is making some kind of pointed toe pump, I’ll be happy.

The Valentino Rockstuds – Popularised by fashion bloggers and celebrities, I seem to read a lot of negative comments about these shoes, mostly from people who think they’re “overdone” now. They’re still one of the most popular shoes available to buy at the moment, though, so they’re obviously doing something right!

The YSL Tribute – These aren’t quite as popular as they used to be, but they’re still going strong, and there are tons of colours available this season. The platform sole definitely isn’t dead!

The Jimmy Choo ‘Anouk’ – Again, to those who aren’t really “into” shoes, these would be virtually indistinguishable from the first pair of shoes I featured – they’re another pointed pump, but they’ve been selling well for years now, so apparently one pointed pump isn’t enough for some shoe lovers.

I’ve named these four the most popular shoes ever, using the totally non-scientific method of simply observing what styles I see most often, whether it be on blogs, on celebrities, or via the Google searches which lead people to I make no claim that there aren’t other shoes out there that are equally popular, though, so tell me…

What do you think are the most popular shoes around?

[All shoes available at Selfridges]


  • I have been impressed by many of the Italian high heels lately, noting that I really like the styling of the Sebastian SB-LOLA platform pumps, the Italian Boutique Damen pumps, and the YSL Tribute Too 105 pumps just to highlight a few.

    Of course it is known that high heel selections have impressed consumers to lay down their life savings, if need be, to have and wear them. When it comes to the popularity or the best promoted shoes, I could care less. I know the styles I like to wear and the look I want to achieve. If they are part of the in-style demand, then hooray. Other than that, you have your favorites and I have mine for our appearance, which we may even share at times. We can celebrate in a sense the joys of our differences. When fashion cycles don’t return the exact preferred styles, I don’t have to buy them and lately this happens more, because I can’t find the high heels I want to wear. I keep wishing the next cycle will make available the heels I adore, but so far the shoe industry has resisted such practices. The look of the classic high spike heel has evolved into today’s stiletto, which has been a positively good development. However, when the heels started looking like straight sticks or nails holding up the very back of the shoes, they lost some of the appeal that captured the desire of this high heel wearing enthusiast and I suppose a number of others.

  • For me, the Manolo BB pump will never go out of style. Or it shouldn’t, or I’d have nothing comfortable AND sexy to wear on my feet.

  • Another I would add to the list is Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist sandals. I’m not a massive fan of them (too boring and not sexy enough for my tastes) but they seem to have been on people’s feet for an eternity now.

  • For me, the YSL tribute is my favourite! I have owned three, but I sold the 105’s and the 75 without the t-bar, to buy the gold croc ones in 75 mm….and I paid full price!. They go with absolutely everything, but the one thing I hate is the squeaky noise the heel makes when I walk…..

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