ShoeperStar: Holly Valance in Christian Louboutin ‘Super Vic’ pumps

Holly Valance arrives at Burberry show

If you’ve ever wondered how on earth you’d wear a pair of super-sparkly, crystal studded shoes (other than to your own wedding), then wonder no more: here’s Holly Valance, arriving at the Burberry show at London Fashion Week yesterday, and managing to dress-down a pair of Christian Louboutin’s ‘Super Vic’ pumps with that most classic of all outfits: little black dress, trenchcoat, dark glasses.

(I say “dress down”. It’s not exactly casual, is it? But it’s not, you know, a ballgown either, which is what I meant: it’s the kind of outfit I can imagine recreating, only for much, much less cash…)

I love all of this, but I particularly love the shoes, of course. Holly is wearing the gunmetal and silver version of these, which I couldn’t find online right now: the closet available alternative is the Strass version shown above, which are a “mere”$3,895 from the official Christian Louboutin website.

I’ve actually shown you these shoes before, in black, and most of you hated the fact that the very low vamp is designed to show a whole lot of toe cleavage. I’m perhaps unusual in that I don’t mind toe cleavage (and actually quite like it, on the right shoe), but these shoes certainly take it to new levels, it’s true!


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