Shoeper Shopping: Nautical style ballet flats by George at Asda

nautical ballet flats

Just one photo from my flying visit to George at Asda… I didn’t find much of note on the shoe shelves there, but I’m a sucker for anything even vaguely nautical, and I’m also a sucker for a bargain, so I when I saw these little flats, reduced to just £5, I just HAD to try them on!

I’ve had a few pairs of flats from George over the years, and I find the sizing a little bit hit-and-miss. In this case, however, it was definitely a hit: my usual size felt perfect, and I really liked the navy upper, along with that pointed toe and cute little rope bow. I actually meant to swing back and grab a pair of these before I headed home, but I completely forgot about them: d’oh! Not to worry, though: I couldn’t find them online, but there were plenty of pairs in-store, so they’ll keep for another day, and another shoeper shopping trip!

(P.S. While these were the only shoes that really caught my eye in the George section, they had lots of great clothes: well worth a look if you have a store near you!)

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