Tan leaf-print boots by Patricia Blanchet

Tan leaf-print boots by Patricia Blanchet

Tan leaf-print boots by Patricia Blanchet, £221

If there’s one brand that can always be relied on to produce interesting boots, it’s Patricia Blanchet. These are a little on the pricey side at £221, but, well, the photo speaks for itself, doesn’t it? I love tan – in fact, I think it’s probably my favourite shade on boots, because I find it goes with everything (unlike black, which I don’t like wearing with other dark colours, because I find the effect too gloomy. These are also available in black, though, for the legions of you who I know disagree with that…), and I really like the contrast of tan and black, navy or dark green, which are my go-to winter colours.

The stand-out feature of these boots, however, isn’t the tan upper, but the silver leaf print on the side. I think this is a stunning effect (and even nicer on the dark green version of these boots, which I’ve yet to find online), and really makes them stand out. The effect is slightly more toned-down on the black version, but still lovely and unusual (you can see them here.) I really like the fact that these are fairly casual, but still special enough to have me coveting them: it’s not often that happens!

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