Prada black cutout suede shoe boots

Prada black cutout suede shoe boots

Prada black cutout suede shoe boots, £555.42

As tempting as it is to quibble with the description of these as “shoe boots” as opposed to simply “court shoes with very long tongues”, which is how I’d probably describe them, I’m not going to bother: partly because the line is a blurry one, but mostly because who wants to waste time arguing when there are beautiful shoes to be admired?

I think these definitely are beautiful shoes, too. I haven’t been particularly taken with most of the “long tongued” styles we’ve been seeing recently, because I don’t like the way the tongues tend to stick out. These ones are designed to lay flat against the foot, though, which is much more flattering, and the overall effect has a vaguely 40s feel to it too: very elegant, every ladylike, and with just enough glamour to make them special, but still wearable.

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  • Sometimes I wonder what Prada are doing; other times, like this one, I wonder how I ever doubted them! Beautiful.

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