Shoe Challenge Shoe Collections, Part 3


Momo, 65 pairs of shoes

This will be the last roundup of shoe collection photos before the challenge starts on Monday, because I’m not going to be able to post over the weekend, so thanks to everyone who sent in a photo for this: it’s been amazing getting to see your collections, and a great taste of things to come!

Speaking of things to come, is everyone ready for Monday? Have you decided which pair of shoes you’re going to be “rescuing” first?


    • Well, as I said, this is the last post on the shoe collections – I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to post over the weekend, so I’m unfortunately not going to be able to publish any more of these: sorry! You can still post the photos on your own blog, though, obviously 🙂

  • Well, I’m a bit gutted because my Valentines date is on Sunday. 🙁 That means that my Valentines date outfit won’t be my first shoe challange… never mind, I’ve got a whole week of work events to incorporate the salvage of another pair of shoes into. Have a great weekend.

  • I’m trying to decide… among the 8 pairs I have in England with me now – it’s totally fine/enough, I’ll stay for only a week more 🙁 First I thought about the Carvela Acorn (those were originally what I planned some weeks ago…) and suddenly when I bought some oh-so-lovely boots on the Asos sale, mmmhhh… everything changed! Will try to have a nice picture to show my choice! And what about you, have you already decided? (I’m now always looking at labels everytime I go to a thrift store… I can’t forget those Gina ones you got for THAT price??? Wow!)

  • Oh crumbs, I keep forgetting to photograph my collection! I’ve bought 2 more pairs recently too, so I’ll take some photos and put them on my blog this weekend!
    I’m saving the easier ones first-the ones I wear most of the time anyway.

  • Eh, I’m gonna join anyway and send you pictures as I model these shoes off for ya! Oh, btw, I found your KG shoes at ASOS, so you don’t have to worry about me mugging you anymore 😉

  • Having spent the whole week pfaffing about trying to take pictures of all my shoes, I realised that this was going to be logistically impossible. There are 25 pairs in the garage Behind Stuff. I have a wardrobe full of hanging shoe racks and boxes. My husband’s side of the wardrobe is similarly full of my shoe boxes. Then there is the linen cupboard. My shoe cupboard at work…

    However, I have photographed the repositeries where my shoes reside & will post these on my blog this weekend. This will be useful to determine the overall number. Then I plan to take your excellent advice and stash all my boots somewhere & drag all the sandals out into the Australian summer light.

    This prevarication is probably just a way of saving some of my shoes from the chop.

  • I haven’t decided yet! I’ve been trying to decide for the last few days, but I guess I’ll decide spontaneously (and depending on the weather that day) in the end.

  • I know exactly what I’m wearing and the shoes I’m saving, I just hope I feel up to having photos taken what with my illness and dodgy eye 😛

  • I’m looking forward to starting the shoe challenge, and I just hope the weather stays fine so I can wear some of my favourite shoes this week! I didn’t get a chance to photograph all of my shoes (it would have been a nightmare taking them all out of the boxes where they’re stored), but I’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures of other participants’ lovely collections 🙂

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