Shoe Review: New Look Premium Pointed Chelsea Boots

New Look Premium Pointed Chelsea Boots

New Look Premium Pointed Chelsea Boots

New Look Premium Pointed Chelsea Boots

New Look Premium Pointed Chelsea Boots, £44.99

It’s been a while since I last did a shoe review, mostly because it’s been a while since I last bought a pair of shoes, to be perfectly honest! I’m finding that the older I get, the more interested I am in finding classic pieces (both shoes and clothes) that I’ll wear for years, than I am in owing tons of different styles, and while that’s good news for my bank balance, it’s not such good news for my shoe blog, obviously!

Anyway, I did buy these pointed Chelsea boots in New Look’s Black Friday sale, and I like them so much I figured they deserved a mention, so here they are! (Please excuse the quality of the photos, by the way: we have very little natural light right now, so it’s almost impossible to get decent photos indoors!) These are from New Looks Premium collection, which means they’re real suede, and a little more expensive than the prices we usually see from New Look. I bought them at the discounted price of £44.99, but they were £59 full price: I’d actually have paid that for them, and really wish I’d found them sooner, because they were also available with a leather upper, and that’s the one I wanted. Unfortunately for me, they’d sold out in my size before I discovered them, and no amount of refreshing the ASOS and New Look websites would bring them back, so I went for the suede instead.

They’re an identical design, so it’s just the upper that’s different: don’t get me wrong, I love them in suede, it’s just that the leather would’ve been a little more hard-wearing, and I’m already starting to worry about the time when I’ve worn these out and am searching for a replacement! I know they don’t look like much in the photos, but for me, these are the perfect ankle boots, with a high heel and an elasticated ankle, which ensures a close fit on the leg, and no “wellie” effect! It does, however, make them harder than usual to get on, because there’s no zip to allow you access, but it’s not a big deal, and it’s worth it for a pair of boots I know I’ll wear all winter.

Now, if only I could find that leather version…

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