Topshop ‘Meg’ floral print platforms

Topshop 'Meg' floral print platforms

Topshop ‘Meg’ floral print platforms

Anytime I see shoes like this, I’m reminded of the shoe trends of 2010-ish, which revolved heavily around very high platforms, often with a print of some description. More specifically, I’m reminded of Office’s ”Simple Minds’ platforms, which were one of the ones that got away for me: I spent literally years scouring eBay for a pair (Well, I mean, I had an alert for them, obviously: I didn’t just search eBay non-stop, although there were certainly times when it felt like it!), and I honestly think that if I were to come across them now, I’d have a really hard time stopping myself from buying them, even although my taste has changed to the point that I seriously doubt I’d ever wear them.

This is the thing, though: back in 2010, I really couldn’t imagine a time when I wouldn’t love those giant platforms. They were pretty much all you ever saw at the time, and, even although I don’t consider myself to be particularly influenced by trends, I guess I just got used to them, so anything else seemed dated. Now, of course, the opposite is true: so, when I look at Topshop’s ‘Meg’ sandals, I still think THEY look a little dated, and can’t really imagine buying or wearing them, even although I love the print, and actually really like the way they look on the foot. As with anything else, I suppose that if I were to see shoes like this often enough, the style would become the “norm” again, and I’d find myself wanting to throw out all of my non-platforms, and replace them with shoes like these. I’m not quite there, yet, but I am starting to notice more of this kind of style around, so I’ll be interested to see what my shoe collection looks like in another 5 year’s time.

What do you think of these?

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  • I kind of love them. I only have one pair like that left in my collection but they are so comfortable, the platform and the ankle strap means I can actually wear them for the whole night.

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