Shoe Review: Office ‘Ophelia’ mint suede bow court shoes

mint green shoes

mint shoes with bow

mint green high heel shoes

Office Ophelia, £62

Well, I DID say they were Shoe Kryptonite

Actually, Kryptonite or not, these shoes would have remained out of my reach if it wasn’t for the generosity of, who sent me the gift code which allowed me to buy them, and also if it wasn’t for ShoeperMan, who has become quite the skilled cobbler over the past couple of months. As I mentioned when I first wrote about these shoes, they were only available in a UK size 5, which is one size larger than I usually wear. I don’t normally recommend buying shoes which you know probably won’t fit – that way heartache lies – but I was hoping that by some miracle they’d run small, and the size 5 might just work. (This isn’t quite as crazy as it possibly sounds: I normally wear a size 4, but my shoe collection contains sizes 3 – 5, and you never quite know when a shoe is going to run large or small…)

Well long story short, they didn’t: surprise, surprise! They were, of course, a little too large, but thankfully only a little: when I added some insoles they fit perfectly, but I’m not a fan of padded shoes, which is where ShoeperMan came in. He removed the lining, added some padding at the front, and then glued it back down again: this is something a cobbler can easily do for you, but it’s also something you CAN do yourself if you really want to. A few months ago, ShoeperMan decided to give it a go after I’d complained once too often about a pair of shoes that were a little too big. He’s fairly handy with the ol’ DIY, so I decided to let him have a go, and thankfully it all worked out: his technique can make a shoe up to one size smaller, and when he’s done you can’t tell anything has been done, so luckily for me he was able to work his magic on these and create the perfect fit.

Other than the sizing, then, these were everything I’d hoped they’d be. I was a little worried when I ordered them that the mint suede would be very pale, and close to white, but the photo on the Office website turned out to be pretty accurate, and they’re what I think of as a “true mint”. The colour is one of the main reasons I was drawn to these: it’s my favourite shade for summer, and I love the fact that these are in a pastel colour, but with a closed toe, so I can wear Spring-appropriate colours, but not have to freeze my toes off. I also like the low-cut sides and vamp: another two featured which I think are essential on a pointed shoe.

These have leather uppers and linings, and are really soft and comfortable to wear, with no pinching. The 4″ heel is about as high as I think you can go without a platform and still be comfortable, and so far I’ve found them easy to walk in.

At the time of writing, these are still available in a UK size 5 on the Office website, although there are a few more size options available in the black and white options. You can see them here.


  • ok now we want a DIY to see how we can do it too ! I have a problem that one of my foot is jut a liittle smaller than the other so I would love to be able to resize the shoes myself to be able to wear all my pairs without worrying to lose one while walking !

    • Yes Please!
      Can you persuade MrShoperman to do a tutorial please?
      I have more than one pair of shoes that I bought in a size to big as they didnt have my size *sigh*
      But I have since learnt my lesson (probably) after falling out of my shoes whilst walking towards my date – embarrassing!

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