Shoe Review: Mellow Yellow ‘Nube’ peep toes

shoes with yellow bows on the toes

taupe shoes with yellow bows


Mellow Yellow ‘Nube‘, £139

My latest Sarenza Brand Ambassador Pick is another one that will come as no surprise to anyone… I wrote about these Mellow Yellow ‘Nube’ peep toes a few weeks ago, and when I noticed they were down to the last pair in my size, I decided they were the only possible option! Since then, however, I notice these have been re-stocked, so they’re currently available in all sizes (at the time of writing) if you want to grab a pair.

I loved these mostly for the little yellow bow on the toe, but I also really liked the taupe upper: this is one of my favourite shoe shades, but it’s not always easy to find, so I was very happy to find these. When they turned up, however, I quickly realised that one of my favourite things about them is actually the hint of turquoise on the toe. You only get to see the slightest hint of it when they’re actually on, but it’s enough to make the colour combination really interesting, and it was the first thing Shoeperman commented on when he seen them, so I think it’s a nice little touch.

This is my first pair of shoes from this brand, so I was a little worried about the sizing. I usually wear a UK 4, but recently I’ve been having to go down a size in many of the brands I’ve been shopping from, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do: Mellow Yellow also do these in a 3.5, so I spent a bit of time trying to decide between that size and the 4. In the end I decided to stick to what I know, and ordered the 4: it turned out to be a good choice – I’d say these fit true to size, maybe even a little on the snug side, so the smaller pair would definitely have been too tight! Phew!

These are beautifully made, but are on the delicate side: not just because of the satin upper, but because they have suede soles (Quite unusual for a shoe at this price point), too. The soles are covered in a protective coating when they arrive: I guess you COULD leave it on to protect them, but I think that would make them too slippery to walk in safely, and it was starting to peel off at the edge of one of my shoes, so I removed it. It feels like a shame to ruin it by walking on these, somehow, but hey, that IS what they’re designed for, and no one but me will see the sole anyway, so it doesn’t really matter!

I feel like I always end these posts in the same way, but it has to be said: now that I have these, all I need is the opportunity to actually wear them! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to be able to wear my newest acquisitions, but the snow just keeps on coming, so unfortunately I’m still stick in boots. Come on Spring, what are you waiting for?

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